We are sad to announce that the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has
not re-awarded our VTEC contract, which expires at the end of this month.
It is not accurate to say that we have “chosen” to wind up, but the responsible and prudent
thing to do is to go into liquidation.
The full truth of this situation is complex and messy. I can only speak for my 2 years as
Managing Director and say that I am proud of our attempts to work with PM&C to improve
our performance and accountability. I stand by my staff, all we have achieved, and the
difference we have made to so many Aboriginal people’s lives.
We have made that difference for decades, through changes of Government policy,
strategy, and programs. We had the solutions, but the Government chose not to work with
us. It will be a tragedy but not a surprise if next month’s Closing The Gap report proves the
current approach to Aboriginal employment is still not working.
We do not know who will have the new VTEC contract, in the meantime the best we can
suggest is that anyone with program questions contact PM&C on 1800 079 098 or at
Former Staff may be able to assist until Thursday 25th January
To the staff, board, members, clients and friends of Habitat, to every community member
who has known for the past 21 years that we are here to help – thank you all for being part
of the journey. It’s a journey that deserves to be remembered by the many positives along
the way, rather than how it’s ended.
Yours sincerely,
Nicole Moore
Former Managing Director
16th January 2018