Assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers into sustainable employment is the primary focus of a VTEC, providing a close support service for both the employer and the employee every step of the way.


To be eligible for the VTEC program you must meet the eligibility criteria. If you are unsure you qualify, check out the main VTEC Factsheet below or contact Habitat Personnel today


The VTEC initiative in action. Check out some of the Habitat success stories


Training and Apprenticeships

10 positions placed in the ACT region

July saw a major development in the ACT region come into fruition and in
conjunction with the Australian Training Company we were able to successfully
commence 10 participants into Traineeship and Apprenticeship positions. These
range from Certificate II in Construction Traineeships to Cert III Carpentry Apprenticeships.
These positions are based at the Brookfield Multiplex site and offer excellent career
opportunities to our job seekers, catering to a range of positions for entry level
candidates. Despite some major initial issues, such as transport, being faced, these
obstacles were overcome with the dedication of staff providing early morning
pickups to get the boys to work on time.
In conjunction with the relevant Job Actives assistance was sort to support the cost
of any necessary training, clothing and in some cases push bikes.
.Habitat look forward to continuing this fabulous partnership with the Australian
Training Company and their commitment to supporting Indigenous Employment.




Ida Hanley

Newspaper story - The Canberra Times, 23.6.2016

Ida Hanley knows she can help Canberra's Indigenous inmates heal.
Her family, themselves ripped apart by the stolen generations, understand all too
well the enduring pain and hurt that follow many Indigenous Australians into jail.
Ms Hanley is one of 12 Indigenous prison officers recruited as part of a deliberate
campaign since 2014.
The ACT government's major expansion of the ACT jail, designed to cope with
overcrowding pressures, has required a significant boost in recruitment.





Resource Recovery Australia

Soft Landing Venture

We continue to work with Resource Recovery Australia and in particular their Soft Landing
venture that has recently opened in Canberra. The work there has overwhelmed them and
they have commenced additional recruitment through Habitat to meet this need. They are
very supportive of the needs of more disadvantaged clients and we look forward to
working with them across our footprint (photos attached showing a recent official visit to
this site).